I just started using Atom as my primary editor (I absolutely love it), and i went package crazy. I was reading an article and decided to try git-time-machine which is a neat way to look at the commit history in a visual plot style.

Image was borrowed from the project page: https://github.com/littlebee/git-time-machine

I was excited, but I ran into an error where git-time-machine was reporting:

Welp, I figured it was because git was not in my path (windows) so i checked by opening a command prompt, typing git and the command worked without a problem. So i went to the git-time-machine page, but it only mentions that the: “git command line utility needs to be in your path”, which it was. So i added it to my Windows path variable again, but that still didn’t help. Well, like most things the fix was simple, just tell Atom where your git projects are stored and it will work!

The Fix:

The error is misleading, since git is actually a working command. To fix it in Atom go to settings, and set the “Project Home” option to the place where you keep your Git projects. Then you will have beautiful visually plotted git history that you can fly through faster than you would believe!