If you are running Redhat/CentOS and want to rename your network interface, this is how I get it done. It doesn’t come up too often, but when it does it can be frustrating if you don’t cover your bases.

Down each interface you want to rename. You may need to do it from the console (Since you may lose your network connection):

Edit the NIC names to be sure it doesn’t add duplicates when UDEV on the next reboot

Open each ifcfg-em* file and edit the “DEVICE” name to match the new interface name.

Rename the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* file to match the new interface name

Credit for this goes to https://kernelpanik.net/rename-a-linux-network-interface-without-udev/ for the initial rename method, but i experienced some issues with UDEV duplicating the NICs, and for hard coded configurations, the network either failed to start on reboot or the NIC was reverted back to the old name after a reboot.


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